Saturday, June 1, 2013

In Your Dreams

It was there. You held it. You know it's weight. It's feeling. It permeated you as it did me. Years of hope and wonderment, lost and gone in the eye of the beholder. I was fine with it, but now I'm not and it hurts the most when the sun hides on the other side of things. If you could just listen too, see too, hear it, you'd know. Something you'd never know. Something you'd never known. It's possible. 

Yet here we sit, opposite sides of the world. Till you're blue in your face, till I'm sick of it too. A sliver, a slice you give to me. I was beyond it, but the possibilities you show me shine like diamonds in the deep blue sky. I'm mesmerized, can't get them off my mind. Can't get you off my mind. It's as good for me as it is bad. There's something special there, has been always. To deny it is to be labeled insane. I know you know it too. Don't fight it, just feel it.

Nothing beautiful happens instantly. The birth of a star, a bloom of a flower, all can attribute to factors happening for what can be a chain of events that cannot be controlled. Despite the peril of a starved flower for sun or rain, does the clouds pour and leave. Water and sunshine show and so the flower grows. I'm not a regular John, never have been, never will be. Open up your eyes, and let the flowers bloom.

Halfway, all the way, someway is a way. Don't focus the obstacles you create for yourself. Like me, you over think, over want, over need. The heart tells the truth. Sometimes even in a half one. Until it's exhausted, don't let that beat of it slip away. Do what you can to preserve it, or you'll have nothing left to preserve but the regret of what was and could have been. 

Where have you gone, little girl?

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