Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Resolutions: If They Weren't Cliche, No One Would Do It

This year is going to be a good test of my self discipline. Forget new years resolutions and there implications with cliche and loftiness, this year's fate was decided in November, and perhaps even before that. I signed up for a number of college courses, seeing that I needed to catch up to college level courses for one, and move on with my life for two. The busy next couple of months will be a testament to disciplines that I both learned in the Army and am willing to learn now. Among the 24 total units to be taking from now till June, I also have baseball, a part-time job and a girlfriend who lives some two hours plus away, if you're hitting traffic at the right time. 

On top of the grueling school and baseball schedule, and next to the part-time job and long distance relationship is another set of self-discipline factors that will make this year interesting. I feel comfortable, at least for the moment in knowing that I'm poised in such a busy time to achieve goals that I have never really been able to accomplish. The first of which is one that I'm sad to admit, but one that I truly feel I can conquer. That is to follow a budget, near precisely. This has never been an issue for the past six years, as my income was often considered a disposable one. I would take money off the top for savings/retirement, whilst simply not worrying about the rest of the income and how much booze it could be spent on. Ah, military welfare how I miss you so.

The second thing, which was somewhat accomplished last year, was to not eat fast food. This of course has some caveats, In-n-Out Burger, Chipotle and Subway shouldn't count, and perhaps El Pollo Loco as well. This falls in line with the fact that I simply want to eat better all the time. I did a fairly decent job this past year with this sort of thing, but cutting out soda pop and lots of beer is going to be a focus amongst not giving into late night snacks at Jack in the Box or Taco Bell, only to feel like crap the next day, or directly after eating such garbage. 

The next things that I am going to accomplish this year is more or less one of those painted canvas signs every girl thinks is the cutest thing, as a sort of stream of consciousness on how to live one's life. These are not the main focus, but will be a concern of mine throughout the time when my ideals will still be in line with this form of thought. Though these sayings are vague in ways, they also should be considered more of a guideline than a rule, and a rule to guideline.

Wherever you are, be there with the one's you love, and connect with them not through a screen, but around campfires and dinner tables. Start your days watching the sunrise and end it in well after it falls. Create memories that cannot be measured in time or space but by loves seamless artistry. Find your passions and pursue them through there ends and yours. Become more curious and skillful at the simplest pleasures of life; reading, cooking and cuddling. Practice goodwill and generosity towards others. Find patience in mistakes, yours or someone else's. Find perspectives you can only find with an open mind, and don't get tangled in the stubbornness of others. Lead a life that is worth living and never stop once you have.


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